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For Our Clients

Insurance Placement Solutions in Des Plaines, Illinois, is your resource for qualified and experienced insurance professionals. We provide exceptional customer service by utilizing our more than 30 years of experience in the staffing industry.

Be it temporary or direct-hire positions, we guarantee to provide the support you need.

For Our Talent

Finding a new job is hard, and it’s only getting harder. We connect insurance professionals to competitive and desired career opportunities with industry and market leaders across the country.

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Why IPS?

We specialize in insurance staffing and recruiting. Count on us to ensure you receive the highest quality of customer service and career guidance specific to your goals and expectations.

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What Our Partners Say

“It was a pleasure talking with you and thank you for taking your time out and just being honest with me about career choices not many people would do that and you did and that is great. I will take it to heart what your advice was. I appreciate it. You are one of a kind.”
- Candidate, Tamra

“Your organization is such a great organization. I have worked for several other temp agencies, but none treated me as well as IPS. I would highly recommend your company. Todd is amazing to work with and very supportive. Wishing you well and hope to see you down the road! Take care.”
- Candidate, Deborah

“I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you and your staff for helping my father find permanent employment. The last year has been nothing short of a struggle and IPS has been a bright light through it all. I know recruiting can be stressful and relentless but helping people find employment is one of the greatest rewards of our industry. He is an amazing man, father, husband, friend and grandfather. His work ethic is something I have admired since I was a young girl and why I work so hard myself to this day. Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication in helping him gain full-time employment. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, sir.”
- Candidate, Ellen

“You work fast! Thanks for helping us out with this position.”
- Client From Tampa, Florida

“Thanks for making my short run at temping a pleasant one. I had no real desire to be in temping for a long duration. Getting my foot in the door certainly opened up permanent opportunities. Thanks for the diligent efforts to find me a new home. I can honestly say, of the agencies I have worked with, IPS was tops at keeping me in the know and for showing a genuine interest in my welfare.”
- Candidate, Brian (Senior Claims Adjuster)

Build Your Dream Insurance Workforce

Elevate your business to new heights. Our expert team specializes in matching the best professionals with your unique needs. Get in touch now to experience the difference of working with the industry's leading staffing and recruiting partner. Your success is just one click or call away!