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Our clients use temporary staff to fill employment gaps or ramp up for a large demand. Their temporary need is a great opportunity for you.

  • Flexibility: Only work when you want to
  • Immediate Need: You need to get to work now due to loss of employment or unexpected relocation
  • Trial Run: You can try out multiple employers in your area before settling on your Dream Company

Temporary assignments vary in length from a few days to several months. Your recruiter will be able to provide you details regarding the available temporary opportunity.

  • Are you available now? Temporary assignments move very quickly and you must be available to start right away.
  • Are you interested? Your recruiter will be able to tell you everything about the opportunity including; company, skills, experience, location and duration.

Temporary to Hire

The temporary to hire opportunities that our clients offer allow not only them but you as well, to determine if you and the company are a right fit. The trial working period typically last 90 days, at the conclusion of which can lead to a full-time position.

  • Similar to a temporary assignment, your recruiter will determine your interest level regarding this particular insurance job.
  • What differs from a temporary assignment is that very often our clients will interview you prior to starting the assignment.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire opportunities with our client companies are full-time positions ‘direct’-ly with our clients. Insurance jobs like these are best suited for qualified talent who are seeking long-term employment.

    • Highly desirable opportunities
    • In-demand fields
    • Exclusive jobs not offered or advertised anywhere else

What does your insurance recruiter do for you?

In the chaotic space of employment opportunities, it is incredibly hard to navigate through the fluff and get to the meat. We only provide the meat. Imagine that for every 1 job opportunity an employer can receive over 200 applications, that is a pretty long shot for 1 lonely resume to get through at the right time to the right person. That is where we fit in. Think of us as a kind of backdoor into the hiring process. We work directly with in-house human resources, recruiting and claims management teams to find them people just like you. The difference is that they may get 2 or 3 options from us, versus 200+. Now that is a big difference!

  • No hassle and confidential service
  • You receive notifications when your skillset matches one of our opportunities

Access to our Network

We have spent 30+ years developing relationships with highly desired client companies across the U.S. Plus, each day we are establishing new relationships to grow our network even bigger, to provide you with more hiring opportunities than ever before.

  • We market you! Everything that makes you a desirable employee we ensure shines through to make you attractive to our clients that will benefit from your skill-set
  • You receive a selection of insurance jobs that fit your skill-set and experience

Access to our Expertise

With 30+ years of building relationships, comes 30+ years of experience matching insurance professionals to insurance jobs with our clients. We have only ever serviced insurance carriers, Replica tag heuer and mens Replica Patek Philippe
watches for sale, third-party administrators, and self-insured companies and we continue to be the industry expert in recruiting and staffing.

Create A Profile

Start by creating a profile on our website and upload your resume.

  • Browse and apply for jobs with your online resume.
  • Bookmark jobs that want to review and apply for later.
  • Setup a quick job alert! You will receive notifications automatically to your email based on the criteria you setup.

Your Recruiter

You will be assigned a recruiter who will be your point of contact regarding all career opportunities with Insurance Placement Solutions. Prior to submitting you forward in any way, your recruiter will have an evaluation conversation to get to know you. This will ensure that your expectations regarding your next opportunity are met and that everything that makes you a desirable and attractive employee is brought to the forefront.

Staying Current

It is important that you update your profile whenever something changes and let your recruiter know your availability. That way we don’t have to interrupt your day unnecessarily and you are only receiving correspondence from IPS that is personally beneficial.