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Hiring a temporary employee will allow you and your employees the opportunity to catch up and be more productive by having some of the workload relieved when your office is too busy. It also allows you to temporarily replace an employee when they are going to be away or on long-term leave. A qualified temporary worker can help keep your full-time employees happier by keeping their daily workloads manageable. In this erratic job market, we realize how difficult it is to find qualified employees. Please don’t accept less than you deserve by hiring through websites or allowing a staffing agency to give you what they have instead of what you want.

Temporary to Hire

This allows you to “try before you buy.” Before you go through the time and expense to add a new employee to your payroll, you can see their job performance and then decide if you would like to have them become a full-time employee at your office. Because we recruit our temporary employees and don’t just rely on advertising to find them, we have an exceptional track record in finding long term, permanent employees for our clients through this approach.

Direct Hire

We begin our comprehensive search by locating individuals that are best suited to your specific needs. By carefully selecting from our comprehensive database of pre-screened applicants, we identify candidates with experience in a variety of insurance-specific fields. This expansive list allows us to meet the challenge of locating the most qualified individuals who understand the demands of a complex and changing industry.

Saving Time (& Money)

Although there is an upfront cost when you bring on a temporary employee, utilizing Insurance Placement Solutions pays off big! You have the expertise of recruiters networking every day with the employees you are looking for. Gain access to our exclusive database and have new staff in days, instead of weeks.

For temporary assignments, we take care of the payroll and benefits while on assignment through IPS!

Saving You Effort

For every job posting it is estimated the employer will receive more than 200 applicants. Of those applicants maybe 5% are actually what you are looking for. Then you have to phone screen, interview once, interview twice and train. How much effort have you put in? What has sacrificed while you were hiring?

Insurance Placement Solutions takes all that away. We provide you a handful resumes of qualified and experienced insurance professionals meeting all of your requirements.

How to Get Started

For over 30 years, Insurance Placement Solutions (IPS) has been servicing the insurance industry with executive search and temporary staffing services. We work directly with your in-house human resources, recruiting and claims management teams to deliver high-quality insurance professionals across the U.S.

To get started you simply put us to work. Yes, it is that easy!

  • Provide us with your job details
  • We contact our network of pre-qualified insurance professionals
  • You are provided with comprehensive profiles of qualified professionals meeting your particular requirements

Only if we provide you with the talent you desire would any fee come into play. After all, if we can’t provide you with the people you want to hire, then it doesn’t matter the cost.

Our steps to finding you top talent

Identification: An in-depth analysis of position specifications

Research: Strategic planning for reaching the most highly qualified candidates

Recruiting: Supported by our extensive database of active and passive candidates we unleash our team into the local market associated with your opportunity

Assessment: Our interviewing techniques and background checks ensure that candidates presented possess all required and many preferred skills.

Interviewing: Timely and honest feedback throughout the interview process ensures a smooth and seamless new hire.

Offer Acceptance: Complete involvement and honesty from the beginning ensures the candidate who is made an offer of employment, accepts it.